How to make your own mahjongg, dragon beard candies

The popular game of mahjong, played in Chinese and other Asian countries, is often played with different shapes of coloured bamboo sticks.

These are called dragon beard, which means “bearded dragon” or “dragon beard candy”.

You can find these candies on sale at Asian markets and at convenience stores around the world.

In India, there are two kinds of dragon beard: the red, white and black.

Each colour is sold in its own pack of 50, which is sold as a whole.

The white pack is sold at the market for 5,000 rupees ($7), and the black pack is available for around 10,000.

When you buy these, you can have them made at home, or you can buy them at a shop.

The store can also sell you the white and the red packs separately.

If you choose to make these yourself, you will need bamboo sticks of different shapes.

The shapes vary from stick to stick, so be sure to check the description carefully.

You may also want to look out for the names of the colour, and the type of bamboo stick.

The bamboo sticks vary in shape and size, so it is important to check how much you can fit into each box.

Here’s how to make a dragon beard.

For a white pack: You will need 5 bamboo sticks, which are available in various sizes and shapes.

There are five different shapes: a large, a small, medium, small, and wide.

You can make a huge one by cutting a big chunk out of one of the bamboo sticks and putting it in the bag.

It will measure around 2cm x 2cm.

For the black and red packs: You need 2 sticks, and a smaller one will work too.

Cut one of each bamboo stick and put it in a bag.

You will want to put a little in the middle so that the sticks will stick together.

This should measure around 1.5cm x 1.75cm x 0.25cm.

To make a long one: Take a piece of the same colour as the white stick and add the bamboo to it.

Cut the length of the stick, and make a cross section of it.

Now put a long piece of bamboo into the bag, which should measure 1.8cm x 3cm x 6cm.

Put the cross section into the small stick.

You want the cross sections to be parallel, so the bamboo will stay together.

To create a long, narrow stick: Take one of both sticks and make the same cross section.

Make a cross-section of the longer stick, making a straight line with the shorter stick.

Put a straight section of bamboo in the end of the cross- section.

This will make a 1.9cm x 5cm x 7cm long stick.

This is the one that you will use to make the long, wide stick.

To shape a long stick: Use a knife to cut one of your bamboo sticks into two pieces.

Then you can put a short piece of one bamboo stick into the end and a long section into its middle.

Make the same cuts on both sides, making sure you don’t make too much noise.

Place the bamboo in a large bowl, then put a large amount of water on top of the water.

This helps to help the water evaporate, so that you don,t get too much mud on the sticks.

Add the sticks to a food processor, and process until the bamboo is finely chopped and has a smooth texture.

Then add the black or white packs.

Process until smooth, then add the white packs, if you wish.

The finished product should look like this.

To add a little extra flavour, add the powdered sugar to the white or black packs.

This adds some colour to the sticks and can make them look a little bit more colorful.

When all the sticks have been processed, you may need to let them cool for about 30 minutes.

Then peel off the outer layers of the sticks, leaving a little white powder on the top.

Add this to your mouthful of the sweetened bamboo candy, or to your favourite drink, and enjoy!

You can see more of my cooking with bamboo at Al Jazeera’s Al Jazeera Chinese channel.

This article originally appeared on Al Jazeera.


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