How to make rainbow candy at home

Candy lovers everywhere are scrambling to get their hands on rainbow candy this Christmas season, but it can be a pricey proposition.

Candy shops in the Denver metro area have seen some customers take to the Internet to order rainbow candy.

But some retailers have said they can’t keep up with demand, according to ABC affiliate KMGH-TV.

One popular online vendor, Candy Cane, is taking a different approach to the rainbow craze, offering a range of rainbow candies, including some that are not even made in Colorado.

“There are some of them that have no sugar in them, but the ones that have sugar in are a little bit more expensive,” said owner Dan Johnson.

Johnson said he is trying to keep his inventory low and only make the ones he sells in Colorado for the holidays.

He said he has a large warehouse that he sells to customers in Denver, including the Aurora-based local chain.

Cannon candy is a popular favorite at some Colorado grocery stores, but its candy is not made in the state, according the Colorado State Capitol.

The state’s candy regulations don’t apply to Cannon candy, according Johnson.

Cannes candy is made in other states, but not Colorado.

The company says it has a full-time production line, but that it isn’t making candy in Colorado at the moment.

Johnson says he wants to keep selling Cannon candy to Colorado shoppers this year, but he is worried about how the new demand will affect sales.

“I’m a bit concerned that we’ll be able to keep that number of customers, but also how we can get that number up again, because that’s just one of the challenges we face as an independent business,” Johnson said.

Calls to Cannon Candy went unanswered Thursday.


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