Why the world needs John Candy’s Halloween candy

John Candy, creator of the iconic Halloween candy, will release his second batch of candy this year. 

Candy Land Games, the makers of the CandyLand and CandyLandLand II franchises, will be releasing a limited run of 30,000 of the original candy in stores across the United States and Canada. 

“I’m very excited to have a second batch, and I know that many of you have been waiting for the chance to sample this new candy,” Candy Land co-founder and CEO Rob Schubert told MTV News. 

The first batch of 30 million will be available to purchase online starting Thursday, November 13 at the company’s online store, CandyLandGames.com. 

Schubert said the company plans to have 30 million candy available at retail locations across the country in the coming months, starting with California and Texas. 

John Candy will be giving away $25,000 for every person who purchases the Candy Land or CandyLand II candy online and through his social media accounts. 

Fans can enter a raffle for a chance to win a CandyLand or Candyland II candy bar, while the winner will be chosen at random and announced on November 16, Schuert said. 

In addition to the Candyland and Candyland games, Candy Land is launching CandyLand Games in Europe on November 17 and Candy Land Games in Canada on November 18. 

For more on CandyLand, check out the New York Times’ article on the company and video of the launch ceremony below.


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