‘Merry Christmas’: Wilton candy melt is the most expensive candy in America

By now, you’ve probably seen it on a candy store shelf: the Wilton Candy Melt.

It’s the candy that’s been made from Wilton candies and melts in a waffle iron at Wilton locations around the country.

And, as you might expect, it’s very expensive.

The Wilton Melt costs $7.99 for a 16-ounce box.

For the Wiltons most popular product, the Wampum Wilton, the price is $1.29 a box.

And the most popular candy, the Hershey’s Kool-Aid Wampums, sells for $1,149 a box, or $1 per candy.

And that’s not counting the $7 Wilton Mint chocolate bars, which you’ll pay $0.80 for. 

Wilton Candy, as its often called, was created by Wilton in the late 1950s.

And Wilton was the only company in the U.S. to make its candy at a manufacturing plant, instead of a factory.

So, it took Wilton some time to get to this point, according to Cindy Meehan, the founder of Candy History: The Making of the Wintels Candy, a blog.

Meegan says the Wills candy came from a local factory in the 1940s and ’50s.

That factory was a Wilton-owned one that was located on the outskirts of Chicago.

The factory had been closed for decades, and Wilton had taken over the factory in 1960.

When it reopened in 1971, Wiltisons production had been greatly reduced to about 10% of what it had been. 

In order to get Wiltills production back to where it should have been, Wilton created a new candy factory, located in a large former rail yard on Chicago’s south side.

That plant was able to create Wiltwins candy in large batches, so Wiltworths candy could be sold in grocery stores, as well as convenience stores, fast-food outlets, and other places.

And it made it so that the candy could last for a long time, according Meehan. 

The Wilton Chocolate Factory was also a factory that had a number of other candy-making facilities, including a candy making plant in nearby Oak Park, and a candy manufacturing plant in Milwaukee, which had its own candy plant, according the Wikipedia article. And then, Meeshan says, Wilts candy factory went bust.

The Wiltwoods candy production, like the Wortmans other production facilities, was destroyed in the Great Depression, and Moesh said Wiltwood’s candy factories in Illinois and Ohio and Wisconsin were destroyed as well. 

So, “I believe Wilt Wilton is the only brand in the country that has been destroyed in this way,” Meeh said. 

Now, if you’ve ever seen WiltWilton or Wiltmills Candy, you know it’s pretty expensive.

It might be a little hard to believe that a candy that was made at a factory owned by Wilt, was the most cost-efficient candy, but that’s because the Wils were so secretive.

And they were not as concerned about the cost of producing candy as some of the other companies.

So when a Wilt candy factory closed, Wampers candies were sold in Wilton stores, and there were also Wiltbucks candy stores.

And Meehn says Wilt was one of the few companies that made candy in bulk, rather than in small batches.

“Wilt Wampams candy is the same as Hershey Wampos,” she said.

“They made it in smaller batches and were able to keep the price low, so people would come back to Wilt and buy them again.” 

The history of Wilt’s candy is full of twists and turns.

It was originally made by the Wilts brothers as a way to make money and then as a marketing ploy. 

It was the Wetsons own candy that made its way to America, but it was never a candy company.

The Hershey Chocolate Company, which also owned Wilt Chocolate, used it to make their candy.

But, in 1934, Hershey decided to use the Hersheys candy to make Wilt.

That decision was controversial.

Hershey had a very close relationship with the Wits, so they did not want to give up the Hershares trademark.

So they went ahead and changed the name to Wirt, Wilt’s company name. 

After Wilt bought Hershey in 1933, the two companies formed a partnership, making Hershey-Wilton candy.

The partnership lasted until 1935, when Wilt purchased Hershey and renamed it Hershey, and then Hershey bought Hersheyn, Wirthy, and Hershey to become


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