How to Succeed in the Candy Industry: 10 Tips to Get Rich and Make Millions in a Year

Candy companies in the United States are often lauded for their high-quality products, which have been touted for years as a way to help children.

Yet in recent years, some companies have struggled with growing consumer interest in candy, a trend that has led some of them to look for ways to bring in new revenue.

BuzzFeed News has compiled a list of the top 10 ways to succeed in the candy industry: 1.

Sell high-value, high-volume products that people actually want.

If you’re selling something to your consumers, you have to be able to sell it at a price they’re willing to pay for it.

That’s what a high-end candy company like Cane Land is trying to do.

“The key to this business is we’re offering a product that people really want, that’s a great value,” says Matt Wieser, Cane’s senior vice president of marketing.

“So we don’t want to sell low-priced products that don’t make people feel like they’re getting something special.”


Find niche products that have an obvious and valuable purpose.

Wies, Cana’s senior VP of marketing, says the company wants to appeal to people who aren’t candy addicts or consumers who don’t necessarily want to buy more than one type of candy at a time.

“We’ve got a huge candy category that is just not really a niche product,” he says.

3. “

You’ve got to have the right product, and you’ve got an opportunity to find niche products, so we’re really focused on that.”


Find ways to expand your customer base.

Candy companies also need to make sure that their products aren’t only for kids and families.

“Our goal is to create products that appeal to families,” says Wies.

4. “

But we also have products that you can use to appeal more to a broader audience.”


Make sure the products have an appeal to the whole family.

“I’ve seen parents who buy these for their children, and then they also go to their parents and say, ‘I really like this product because it’s low in sugar and it has a great flavor,’ and they love it,” says Cana vice president Wies


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