How to spot a real-life Mexican candy man cast

The candy man is everywhere in Mexico, as he is everywhere on the candy world.

They call him “MEXICAN CANDYMAN”, or “Mexican Chocolate Man”, because he has the same color as the chocolate.

He is also known as “the man with the candy”.

In Mexico, you will not see him without a hat.

You will see him with a wig and a hat, as well as with a mustache, beard and glasses.

The man with a mask, or masker, is one of the people who work to hide the man behind the mask.

It’s a very real and very dangerous job.

There are around 2,000 maskers in Mexico.

I was hired to do one of these jobs.

I’ve never had a job in my life.

I went to school, I worked in a bar and I played the guitar.

I also did other things like dance and acting.

I had the same job for seven years.

I never had any problems.

The Mexican candyman is one big profession.

In Mexico they don’t pay the people.

They take the money.

When you see a masker in a masking shop, it is not like the masker is in the front of the shop, but the maskers are inside the shop.

There is a big wall.

The maskers don’t come out unless they have to, and then they leave.

I didn’t see anyone when I started my work.

I think they are always behind a curtain.

They are in their own world.

I met a couple of people who are maskers.

They asked me to work for them, but they were scared.

They said I would have to kill them.

The most dangerous job is in a sugar cane factory.

They use masks, and they wear a mask.

There were several masks, but there were three masks that could kill someone.

They could shoot their own eyes out, they could put a mask on their head and throw a grenade.

It would be very dangerous.

Maskers work very hard.

Masking is very important in Mexico because they do not want to lose their jobs.

In the US, people are scared of the masking business, but in Mexico you do not see it.

Masker’s work is very dangerous because they are not paid well.

Mask companies have to go through government licenses, which is a very expensive thing.

The masks come from a very poor area.

There was one time I went there to work in a big sugar cane plant.

They had the largest plant in Mexico at that time.

The workers were wearing masks.

I did not have to work there, but I was working at that factory.

Mask makers do not get paid.

The job was dangerous, and it was dangerous because there were not enough masks.

If you see someone working in the field, you can be sure they are working to make money, and not to protect their lives.

In fact, if you are not careful you can get killed.

They were working in a field that was very bad.

They got a very bad wind and they had a lot of dust.

You could see them going down the road, they had the dust on their clothes.

The work was very dangerous, because it was very hard to get away.

They worked for years and years.

The people working there were very poor, but you could tell they were very, very happy to work.

It was a very dangerous business.

I have been working in this field for 10 years.

It is one reason why the mask makers are not employed in the United States anymore.

It used to be that if you had a bad day, you could hide behind a mask and stay out of trouble.

It has become much safer in Mexico now.

They can hide under a mask in the factory, and if you want to go out and have a drink, you have to pay them.

Masked people work in the sugar cane industry in Mexico are called “coffee” people.

When I work in this industry, I use the word coffee, because that’s what they use to describe me.

They say “coffeecio”, which means “good coffee”.

They like coffee, and I like it.

The only reason I don’t like it is because they call it coffee, but it is really sugar cane sugar.

The sugar cane is very sweet.

You can taste the sugar, you taste the cane.

They drink it, they eat it.

I’m not a bad coffee person.

I am very loyal.

I try to keep my coffee with me, and when I get a cup of coffee, I drink it.

It gives me energy.

If I’m working late, I just drink it because I want to get energy.

You cannot drink coffee, you cannot eat coffee, they are all the same thing.

If they tell you to do it, you are going to do them.


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