How To Get Your Own Sarris Candy Appel

The candy brand has come under fire in recent weeks for its marketing practices and for its alleged use of artificial colors and flavors.

Sarris announced Monday that it will stop using the orange peel in its candy.

The company also said it will replace its candy with a non-stick candy that contains less sugar and more flavor.

Sarri is also planning to start using natural ingredients in its products, such as coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil and maple syrup.

But some consumer advocates have said Sarris’ advertising and marketing tactics have gone too far.

“We know that Sarris has taken the wrong path,” said Dan Koehler, vice president of consumer education at the nonprofit consumer advocacy group Consumers Union.

“We’re calling on Sarris to make the candy more natural, less artificial and more transparent.”

The Sarris scandal has also prompted the American Beverage Association to take a tougher stance on artificial colors.

The trade group issued a statement last week urging Sarris and its partners to stop using artificial colors in its brands.

It said artificial colors, colors that imitate natural colors, are “an insult to consumers” and “disgusting.”

The candy industry has also been trying to improve its reputation, with the help of a marketing campaign by the Consumer Products Association that highlights Sarris products.

Consumers Union has also pushed for Sarris in recent months to adopt new packaging and packaging practices.


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