A white rabbit’s candy made from a baby white rabbit

A white bunny has become a popular Halloween candy for parents, and it comes from the baby rabbit’s blood.

White rabbits have been known to carry the parasitic blood virus known as Wolbachia and some people believe it causes the illness that kills most people.

However, a study in the journal Plos One suggests that a white rabbit that carries the Wolbachian virus could also have the disease.

Scientists from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver and the University at Buffalo in New York tested the rabbit blood for the virus and found that the rabbit has a higher level of the virus.

They also found that this rabbit was infected with Wolbachiae-1, which is present in the blood of humans and some other animals.

This was the first study of its kind to look at the Wolbischia-1 virus in the rabbit’s circulatory system and to compare it to other known strains of the infection.

This study is the first to look for Wolbachias-1 in rabbit blood and the results are important to understand the genetic basis of the illness, said lead author Dr. Jennifer N. Miller.

In addition to confirming the presence of Wolbachi-1 and suggesting that the disease is caused by the virus, the findings show that the virus may be transmitted by the saliva of a rabbit that has the virus in its circulatory systems.

In humans, Wolbachiosis can cause mild to moderate illness and death.

However it is more likely to affect children, pregnant women, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems.

The UBC team also found the virus was present in some tissues of the rabbit.

These tissues include liver, spleen, lungs, stomach, pancreas and brain.

The team believes the virus might also be transmitted to humans through the blood and feces of a baby rabbit.

The virus is transmitted through contact with infected blood, feces and urine and through contact of infected surfaces.

The virus is believed to be caused by Wolbachius-1-infected animals and has been known for some time to infect humans, but the team found this virus was not present in rabbits that did not have Wolbachium-1.

In the future, researchers will be able to study the Wolbingia-infecting rabbit for signs of infection and whether other animals have the virus as well.

Miller is now planning to collect the rabbit and test it in a lab.

She is also interested in other animals that are infected, including rats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

In general, the Wolbinosis-1 infection is fatal, but there is a small risk of infection in people.

People who have been vaccinated against the virus have a lower risk of contracting the disease than those who are not.

People who have the Wolbori-19 virus, which also affects people and animals, have a slightly lower risk.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommend that adults who are vaccinated for the Wolber virus be vaccinated against Wolbach-19.

The vaccine is administered as a nasal spray or by mouth.


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