Month: August 2021

How to spot a real-life Mexican candy man cast

The candy man is everywhere in Mexico, as he is everywhere on the candy world.They call him “MEXICAN CANDYMAN”, or “Mexican Chocolate Man”, because he has the same color as the chocolate.He is also known as “the man with the candy”.In Mexico, you will not see him without a hat.You will see him with a […]

Why are fannie and fannie Mae’s sugar sweetened bags of sugar sweetening banned in Australia?

The Australian Sugar Industry Association says it wants to ban all the sweeteners in its bag of sweeteners, which is used in a range of consumer products including candies, chips, drinks and biscuits.The ban would affect only fanniemary and fannys sweetener, sorbitol.It says sorbitols are a known carcinogen, a possible human carcinogen and a known […]

How to be a ‘lone wolf’ in Australia’s social media crackdown

With social media in Australia being taken down by government-mandated social media rules, it’s not uncommon to find people on social media being hunted by police.In recent months, social media has become a popular target for Australian police and other government agencies to use to crack down on “social harm” and “terrorist” activity.Social media platforms […]

What is a Gushers Candy and Why are We Gonna Get It?

Gushers candies are the perfect snack for kids who don’t want to go through the hassle of making their own.They’re also great for kids with allergies.They are usually made from peanut butter and candy cane, and they’re filled with the perfect mix of sugar and protein.They have the same nutritional profile as regular candy.There’s no […]


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