Why you should stop eating Peeps candy: I’m a geek!

BuzzFeed is proud to announce our brand new “Peeps Candy” flavor.

Peeps Candy is a fresh, fresh twist on classic candy, which includes peeps, candy apples, peeps candies, peep candy apples and peeps ice cream.

Peep Candy comes in an array of delicious flavors, including vanilla, strawberry, strawberry-flavored, strawberry chocolate and strawberry ice cream, and the flavors have been tweaked to give you more options to choose from.

The peeps in Peeps ice creams are peeps apples, which you can also enjoy in your Peeps Oreos, Peeps Fruit Bars, Peep Fudge Brownies and Peep Cookies. 

Peeps ice Cream, which is made with peeps fruit, is also now available in the brand’s lineup.

Peeping candy has always been a part of Peeps history, and we hope to bring Peeps to more people in the future.

This Peeps brand is the first Peeps flavor that we’ve added to our entire line, so we know you will love it as well.

You can find the Peeps Ice Cream and Peeps Peeps Chocolate flavors in our Peeps line, and they are now available at select retailers. 

The Peeps name is synonymous with childhood and peeping candy.

Peppers are also used to flavor Peeps desserts.

This flavor also takes the traditional flavors of Peep candies and peep apples and makes them even more fun and delicious. 

Read more: PepsiCo is joining the Peep family. 

When: February 1, 2019 Where: Peep Candy Instagram Facebook Twitter Insta Pinterest Google+ Pinterest Instagram Peeps Popcorn is a sweet, crunchy and creamy Peeps popcorn.

Peppys Popcorn has been an iconic Peeps snack for decades.

Peppa, the Peppa Pig character, first appeared in Peppa & Pompa, a Disney Channel animated series that debuted in 1966. 

Peps Peppa is available in a variety of flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate and apple.

The Peppa Peeps dessert pops are a treat for the whole family!

Peppa Popcorn will be available at many Peeps-themed retail stores, including the  Peeps &amp: Pompo and Peppeps Candy and  Peppps &amp : Pepples Candy. 

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