Jujube candies are more expensive than the competition

BUDAPEST, Hungary — With its sleek glass-and-steel headquarters in a chic, gilded city block, Jujubee is a beacon of health-conscious chic.

The company has emerged as a darling of the health-care industry, winning accolades from doctors, nurses and politicians.

Yet Jujubes, like most of Europe, is not exactly cheap.

Its premium chocolate candies, the first-ever in a market saturated with low-priced brands, can reach prices of $12 or more a pop.

As a result, many consumers opt to buy the more expensive variety.

To make matters worse, it can be a costly proposition.

The Jujuba brand is among the top-selling brands in Europe, but it is still only sold in Europe and is not available in the United States, where consumers can buy it at discount prices.

It is also not available to most Americans who are not registered as health care providers.

Some companies have tried to sell more affordable products, but they have not caught on in the U.S. market.

But Jujubs makers are trying to change that, by selling a range of premium chocolate products, including high-calorie, sugar-free chocolate bars, chocolate bars flavored with fruits, and more.

They are also aiming to be more appealing to younger consumers, which have traditionally been skeptical of sugary foods and healthful foods. 

Some of the products will have sweeteners and artificial colors added to them to promote health and nutrition.

Others will be marketed to children, who often are not familiar with these foods and who may be hesitant to buy sugary products, the company said.

Jujuns are more than just a tasty treat, though.

They also have a history of being used in traditional medicine. 

They are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, zinc, and selenium, according to the U,N. 

Jujuba was founded in 2002 by the family of Hungarian entrepreneur András Jujárás, who, like his father, is a medical doctor. 

“They have developed a reputation of being one of the most innovative and innovative companies in the world,” said Paul Osterholm, director of the Institute for Food, Agriculture and Environment at the University of California, San Francisco.

Jujuuba is one of a handful of firms making such high-tech, health-friendly products, which often have a range that includes flavors that can be made with natural ingredients and products that are not sweetened.

They come in a range from the premium chocolate bar that is $8.99, which contains 60 percent fruit and sugar, to a more affordable chocolate bar of $7.99 that has less sugar and a mix of natural and artificial flavors.

The bar that costs $7 is more expensive because it is made with a variety of high-end ingredients that can’t be found in other chocolate bars. 

The premium chocolate bars will be available to consumers in stores starting in late November, and in online stores in early December, the Jujuas said.

The cost will be $3 for an ounce, about the same as a cup of regular chocolate.

The sugary-free bar is the most popular product, selling more than 4 million boxes annually in the last year, according, to the company. 

As Jujubiys popularity rises, consumers have been asking for more healthful products, according to Dr. David C. Mankoff, an associate professor of health care policy and management at the Wharton School at the City University of New York. 

But it is not easy for people to swallow, he said.

“This is not a niche market.

This is a health-related market.

People want healthy foods, and if they can’t get them, then they don’t want to buy them,” said Mankoffs co-author, Andrew F. Sager.

“The market is very important.

There is a lot of money to be made.” 

A Jujuberi’s dream is to reach consumers on a more level playing field, said Sager, who was formerly the chief executive of GlaxoSmithKline Plc. 

It is not an easy road.

There are not enough qualified people in the industry to run a health food shop, said Minkoff. 

Another problem is that people tend to be scared to make a health decision, especially when it comes to sugary food. 

A recent survey by the World Health Organization found that just 1 percent of people over 65 in Europe thought that eating more fruits and vegetables was safe. 

For the past two years, Jujamies executives have been working with health officials in France, Germany and Britain to find a solution to the problem. 

In the United Kingdom, Jujaes representatives met with health authorities and the British Food Standards Agency. 

Cheryl Strom


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