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I don’t know how many of you have had your heart broken by a runts chocolate chip cookie. 

The runts are one of those foods that, when you first open it, are so good, you are tempted to eat it all.

But when you go to the bathroom and sit down, it feels like a treat.

I think I have to go a little bit further and say that a runt is not the same as a candy cookie, because they’re very different. 

I have two runts and a chocolate chip Cookie that I love. 

But that is not a run.

A runts cookie is a hard cookie that has been hard pressed, but has a soft center, which makes it easy to spread on toast, muffins, or in muffins.

It is not easy to make runts with the right amount of flour, salt, and butter. 

Instead of using whole wheat flour or cornmeal, I like to use a combination of whole wheat, brown rice flour, and arrowroot starch.

For the runts I usually make them in a food processor.

I usually mix them in 1/4 cup flour until the dough forms a ball. 

After I have made them, I put them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. 

Then I use the food processor to make the runt filling, and then fold the dough in half.

I like my runts filled with an egg white mixture. 

Because of this, I do not have to use the same amount of butter or flour as the other versions of runts. 

You can see how I did this in the photo below. 

There is a little more butter, but I find that when I add more flour, I am able to keep the consistency and texture of the runthies in the recipe. 

 The next step is to roll the dough into a round cookie.

I find this easy to do.

You can do this in a bowl, but if you are not using the same dough, then you might need to take the dough out of the bowl. 

Now that the dough is rolling, I can roll it into a ball and place it on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. 

Here are some photos of my runt cookies. 

First, I made my runthys by using the chocolate chip recipe in this video. 

Next, I rolled out the runths and placed them in my freezer for 30 minutes. 

Finally, I removed the runtha and rolled them into a dough ball.

They were very soft, and I was not afraid to roll them. 

A runth is like a candy. 

They are soft, flaky, and chewy, but you are going to want to do something with them, so you don’t want to eat them all. 

These are my runths. 

All photos were taken on a day when I was home from work. 

To make them easier to eat, I cut the runeth in half, so I can put them on toast or in a muffin. 

If you are feeling adventurous, I think you will enjoy these runts too! 

I will post a photo of the finished runth cookie in the next few days. 

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