How to beat the Seahawks and Patriots on the road without losing your mind

How to get into Super Bowl 51 without losing one of your mind.

Article 2 of 3 The weather is beautiful.

You can eat a lot of chocolate chip cookies and go for a walk.

You’re going to see the best of the city.

You’ve got a great party.

You want to hang out.

You are going to be having a great time.

The weather is very nice.

You have a beautiful, sunny day.

You enjoy going to the movies.

You get to know your neighbors.

You love hanging out with friends.

You enjoy hanging out at your favorite restaurants.

You think about the movies and what’s on the screen.

You take walks in the park.

You have a great weekend, a great barbecue and a great meal.

You go for your Sunday walk and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Great Lakes area.

You see a lot.

You go to your favorite movie.

You watch a lot and enjoy what you see.

You get out of bed.

You head to the office.

You read a book.

You relax and enjoy life.

You’re going for a swim.

You catch some rays.

You sit at the pool, relax and catch up on your favorite shows.

You play cards and watch movies.

You catch a glimpse of the sea and enjoy swimming.

You think about all of the beautiful things in life.

You appreciate the sights.

You don’t mind going to your neighborhood or the park or watching the sun set.

You want to go to a movie, but you have a bad feeling about it.

You need to get home.

You need to go home.

You know you should go home, but it’s been too long and you don’t want to miss the party.

You know you can’t go home because it’s too hot, but your family or your friends are so excited to be home.

Your family is cheering you on, but they don’t know what to do about you.

You can’t do anything because you have no idea where you are or what you should be doing.

Your whole family is going to want to help you get home, so you can get your things together.

You feel like you have nothing to lose.

You are going out to dinner.

You just have a few more hours.

You spend the night relaxing.

You spend the morning enjoying the food.

You make sure you have enough energy for work.

You work out a few minutes at a time.

You walk through the neighborhood and the people you know and admire.

You walk through a store or restaurant.

You stop in a restaurant for a quick bite.

You meet your neighbors and hang out with them.

You visit a friend.

You give your parents a hug.

You eat dinner and enjoy your meal.

You feel like your heart is beating.

You cry a little.

You smile a little and tell your family that you love them and want them to have a good time.

You hug your family members and tell them that you’re so proud of them.

Your parents and siblings are crying, too.

You ask them if they can come with you.

You let them know you’re coming with you, too, because you’re really excited.

You and your family are happy.

You celebrate the holidays together.

You take a walk and you’re in a relaxing place.

You realize that you haven’t eaten since lunch and you want to try again later.

You say to yourself, “Maybe this is my last trip to the grocery store.

I’m going to go shopping and enjoy myself.”

You have dinner with your family.

You come back and spend time with them and you go for an hour together.

Your family is happy to have you with them again.

You talk to your family and your friends about the weekend.

You tell them you’re not going to lose your mind or lose your temper.

You promise them that everything will be fine.

You decide to do what you need to do.

You plan for the future.

You put your plans in place and you set your priorities.

You make plans for your future and you take action.

You set goals.

You try to make a difference.

You try to live the life you want.

You live the way you want, even if it is not always easy.

You stick to your goals and you live life to the fullest.

You set goals for yourself and you stick to them.

You don’t let your fears get in the way of your dreams.

You fight them.

The things you don, you do.

If you don’ t do them, they will never come true.

You will do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams, even when they are not always possible.

You keep pushing, even though you know that you may be losing sleep, or you may feel like there is nothing to be done.

You keep trying to make changes.

You realize that the things you love about life are inextricably tied to the things that you have to do in order to make them come true, even in the face of failure


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